Friday, 11 August 2017

Digital Fluency Intensive 3 - Getting Creative, Google Hangouts

Week 3 of our DF Intensive series of workshops is almost over with more great - today we have learned how to fine tune settings in GOOGLE Mail and GOOGLE Calendar which will make organising emails and events/schedules so much easier.

Our main learning was on GOOGLE Hangouts - a tool that allows you to remotely connect with others for discussions and share online. To demonstrate this tool in a real world context, Dorothy joined us from Adelaide with Matt, Gerhard and Kelsey Morgan (Education Programme Leader visiting from Christchurch) to guide our group from the Manaiakalani Trust training room in Glen Innes, Auckland.  Despite a couple of technical glitches, we got to share our favourite restaurants and streetview images from GOOGLE Maps.

Today's task was to create a GOOGLE Hangout and discuss the creative content of blog post of student learning. Together with Jocelyn and Kelsey, we used three questions to guide our conversation.

What learner empowerment is demonstrated? Do you detect signs of learner agency post? Did they have any room to make choices?

2. What supports / scaffolds might the teacher have set up to get this creative activity to occur? e.g. scaffolds, rubrics, templates etc etc

3. Explain/reflect/demonstrate learning, through creation - How has creation given more opportunities for deep learning and cognitive engagement?

Check out our GOOGLE Hangout  below.  Looking forward to Week 4!


  1. Kia ora Kiriwai, Great to see your learning continuing from afar. As you mentioned I enjoyed participating in the Hangout from the Barossa Valley in Adelaide. And now I am reading your post in Melbourne airport. You should see Melbourne appear on your blog world map, and in your statistics I will be the Mac using visitor from Melbourne!!

    Your group conversation around the blog post from Ruapotaka was well done. You managed the technology skilfully and had a professional conversation about the learning occurring. Well done. I loved the way you problem solved how to disguise the conversation in the back of the room :)

  2. Malo Kiriwai , I enjoyed learning to use Hang Out with you and Kelsey the other day. Let's have another one soon and schedule it in the timetable . It'll be good practice for me.