Friday, 28 July 2017

Digital Fluency Intensive 1 - Living local, learning global

The first day of the Digital Fluency (DF) Intensive for Term 3 has been jammed pack full of useful content. Our group of 11 teachers from 6 different schools across the Manaiakalani cluster have spent the day learning practical tips including how to better organise our GOOGLE Drive and exploring different formatting options within GOOGLE Docs.

We also had an opportunity to put our new found skills to the test with a poster based on the Manaiakalani kaupapa. Looking forward to spending each Friday for the next 8 weeks at DF sessions to learn more from our expert trainers and the other participants.


  1. Nice work Kiriwai. I have also enjoyed the read of your inquiry in Term 1. What happened in Term 2?

  2. Awesome Kiriwai. Love to hear that you're sharing some of your learning with your colleagues already as well, fantastic!